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High School Students

Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for New Jersey High School Students
We regret to inform you that there will be no Chinese Bridge summer camp this year.

Confucius Institute runs the Chinese Bridge summer camps in China to enhance the understanding of Chinese language and culture for NJ high schoolers studying Chinese. Participants spend two weeks in China exploring Beijing and other cities with other high school students from Confucius Institutes across the nation.

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                                                    Participants of previous Chinese Bridge summer camps

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Students have the opportunity to:

  • experience Chinese culture through interactions with local people and guided trips
  • meet students from Confucius Institutes all over the country
  • visit new and old sites of Chinese historical and cultural significance
  • learn about contemporary China
  • participate in cultural activities
  • try their hand at various Chinese arts
  • participate in a homestay program

as well as many other opportunities to learn about Chinese culture and language.


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